April 3, 2014

Curry Coconut Quinoa Soup

I adapted this from "Betty Goes Vegan" ; which frequent readers of my blog will know has become my favorite vegan cookbook over the last few months. I happened to have the ingredients for most of this recipe in the house, but I think you could adapt this with different veggies, different grains, etc.

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon flour (GF for us, of course)
4-6 cups of vegetable broth (if you want a thinner soup add more than 4 cups)
3 teaspoons garam masala curry powder
1/2 cup coconut milk (more if you want it creamier)
1/2 cup frozen peas
2 cups cooked quinoa (or rice, or quinoa blend. I used a quinoa, wild-rice blend)
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 package extra firm tofu, drained and pressed, cut into 1 inch cubes
2 teaspoons lemon juice

In a large soup pan, heat the olive oil on medium heat. Whisk in the flour and stir until its combined. Add the broth and coconut milk and whisk until the coconut milk has completely dissolved. Stir in the curry powder and mix well.

Add the peas, quinoa/rice, bell pepper and tofu cubes and stir well with a wooden spoon. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes, or until the red pepper is cooked through. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add the lemon juice before serving.

March 26, 2014

Garlicky Spicy Tofu

Anne has been trying to beat bronchitis and a sinus infection. She's been craving spicy food and garlic, so this was my answer to that!

March 17, 2014

Vegan Apple Crisp

When having people over for dinner, this makes a really nice and fast dessert that you can make while the dishes are being cleaned at the end of the meal! This recipe is adapted from one I found on BettyCrocker.com. Using a mandolin on the apples gets you a nice thin apple slice that cooks up nice and fast. My version is gluten free, but you can use regular wheat flour as well.

March 4, 2014

Persian Turnip Soup

As it turns out, the title of this soup doesn't sound too appealing. It's probably the word "turnip." Anne is suffering from chest and sinus congestion and someone recently suggested to her that she should have some turnip soup. I set out to find a recipe and we loved this hearty variation.

I had a hard time finding the turnip greens which are the most vitamin and antioxidant part of the vegetable, so I just stuck with spinach. I hope to be able to find those greens this summer at a farmer's market. (I checked Safeway, Giant, and Whole Foods—no dice.)

February 26, 2014

Tofu Tikka Masala

I loved chicken tikka masala when I was a meat eater. It didn't dawn on me to attempt to veganize this dish until I saw a suggested recipe on the Gardein website for using their chick'n in a masala sauce. This is adapted and turned out deliciously well.

February 13, 2014

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I recently wanted to make some oatmeal raisin cookies and realized I didn't have a recipe on the blog! So I started researching some gluten free, vegan recipes and ended up adapting this one here. These were chewy, moist and delicious. They have some flax in them so you can even say they are( sort of) healthy!

January 30, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie-less Pie

It has been terribly cold this winter. We have had a lot of soup, but I wanted something a bit different tonight. I had previously made this Herb Roasted Chicken from "Betty Goes Vegan" to a good degree of success. I had all of the ingredients except the lemon, and I wasn't about to trek out to the store on this cold night, so I adapted and was pretty pleased with the results!