Happy Tu B'Shvat

Tonight my wife and I attended a Zoom lecture for Tu B'Shvat by Jewish Veg (Jewishveg.org) on "Modern Eco-Kashrut:Ethical Eating for Today's World". It was informative both historically and interesting to hear people's questions about veganism. Anne became vegan in 2005 and I became vegan in 2013, our dogs eat a vegan diet and we love sharing vegan cooking and illuminating kind choices for animals whenever we have the opportunity. While on the Zoom call, we realized how we need to update this space more! So, thank you to Jewish Veg, our friend, Sibyl Kleiner for hosting, and to our new blog friends - we will be updating things more here with not only traditional Jewish recipes, but things that are working their way into our rotation. Meanwhile - new favourite cookie to try: Siete Mexican Wedding Cookies - both gluten free and vegan ... but addictive!