Earth Balance Vegan Butter

It is important to appreciate the ingredients that make up our food. Without fine ingredients our food would not taste good! It's that simple. As a vegetarian who cooks primarily vegan friendly food, I have come to rely on some great ingredients which I will feature occasionally. 

Today, let's talk about butter. Butter makes everything better. It really does. I find that Earth Balance products make a great butter substitute. For baking, the unsalted or salted sticks come ready to be creamed with sugar in 1/2 cup sticks. The tubs of earth balance are great--from spreading on some toast, to incorporating into my more complicated recipes. 

earth balance

As vegan ingredients become more widely available, I have noticed that earth balance is one of the first thing you can find in major grocery chains. If you haven't tried it already, buy some the next time you need butter. I promise you won't be disappointed.