Review: North Sea DC

I love Chinese food. It is safe to say I ate a lot of it growing up in New York where there is a lot of good Chinese food. Washington DC is infamous for a lack of good Chinese food. Recently, Anne and I have discovered a few Chinese take out places that have a decent selection of mock meats to accompany the usual selection of tofu and vegetables.

In recognition of the beginning of the Chinese New Year today (Year of the Dragon), we ordered from North Sea DC , which also delivers to our neighborhood for free (great for cold, damp nights like tonight). Our usual order includes a tofu dish, "chicken" with cashew nuts, and General Tso's "chicken".

The food arrived hot and quickly, which was great. As for the food itself, it is not haute vegan cuisine by any means, but when we need that quick Chinese fix, this more than satisfies those cravings. Try some of the mock meats. You won't be disappointed!