Dukem Ethiopian Review

Last night we went to Dukem with some cool vegan friends (Jamie and Jon). We ordered two Deluxe Veggie Platters to share and it was so much delicious and interesting food!

For those of you who haven't enjoyed Ethiopian cuisine before, it is ideal for vegans. According to EthiopianResteaurant.com, this is because "A large variety of Ethiopian vegetarian dishes evolved due to the tradition of abstinence from all animal products during the many Orthodox Christian fasting days that are observed in Ethiopia." 

The various sauces and vegetables (Wot and Atkilts) were served on a large injera (a porous bread). The food is eaten by hand which makes the dining experience all the more different and fun than traditional western restaurant dining. But don't worry, they bring some wet napkins when you are all done. 

Dukem is a lively place and it was quite full, even for a Wednesday night! At one point there was even some live Ethiopian music and dancing. Its also Anne's favorite cuisine, so I have a feeling we will be back sometime soon.