Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar Review

Last week I stumbled upon Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar & Market around the corner from our apartment. A vegetarian neighbor alerted us to this new place and so I was really excited to stop in and chat with Jo Anna

Its not every day that you find a new and awesome businesses that cater to vegetarians and vegans. She gave me some samples and I was impressed for sure. I tried some of their awesome freshly squeezed juice. I am not usually a fan of green juices, but she sweetened it slightly and added some lime for a citrusy finish. It was amazing and I could have drunk a gallon of the stuff!

I was also delighted to see that they source a lot of their produce from local organic farms, including the Tuscarora Organic Growers Co-Op. In fact, I am thinking about joining a CSA this summer (community supported agriculture) and some of the farms are in this co-op.

I also tried some of their delicious soups which are all vegan. Anne and I intend on stopping in again soon to try a sandwich and some more of their juices, and I encourage you to check it out too.