Sticky Fingers Bakery Review

I'm not sure what has taken me so long, but for some reason it felt like time to finally review Sticky Fingers Bakery in Columbia Heights. Virtually every vegan and vegetarian in DC knows of Sticky Fingers--and has an opinion on it. We seem to go in fits and spurts. Some months it feels like we go every weekend, and then we realize that we haven't been for a while.

Though Sticky Fingers is known first and foremost as a bakery with pretty good vegan treats, we usually go for the weekend brunch. Solely vegan brunch spots are not too common in our fair city, and Sticky Fingers has figured out that this is a way to generate solid repeat business. There is a reason it gets very busy weekends--the brunch is pretty awesome.

I personally enjoy their breakfast burrito (with the addition of tempeh bacon on the inside--ask for it, you'll thank me later). The burrito is stuffed full of black beans, tofu scramble, spinach and melty daiya cheese. It is incredibly filling and an awesome way to start a weekend day.  I add the tempeh bacon because it gives the burrito even more flavor and texture. Anne gets the gluten-free pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup which are also delicious. We split an order of grits with daiya cheese on top. Since Anne is a Southerner, she is pretty picky about her grits. She likes the SF grits, except they are a little peppery for her liking. One thing I do not recommend--the coffee. I've stopped ordering it because the few times that I did it was incredibly acidic.
In addition to the solid brunch offerings, Sticky Fingers has a good lunch menu. I enjoy the Nachos and the Asian Wrap if it's lunch or dinner time. Finally, a word about the sweets! Many of the baked items are very good--after all, Sticky Fingers continues to win national awards and cupcake bake-offs. Anne is obsessed with the oatmeal cookie sandwich, the Cowvin, but it is a bit too sweet for my taste. In general I find all of their baked goods a tad too sweet, but they are still great in a city with not too many vegan baked options.

Service at Sticky Fingers is touch-and-go. Sometimes we get quick, pleasant help, sometimes, not so much.  On weekends, try getting there on the early side (around 9:30) before the later arriving brunch crowd shows up.

Sticky Fingers also sells a few vegan essentials right in the store. Anne is always looking for her favorite candy, Goody Good Stuff's vegan peaches. Be sure to pick up a bag if you stop in!