Take me out to the ballgame!

I have been a baseball fan for a long time. There was a point during my adolescent years where I watched literally every Yankees game I could. When live baseball wasn't on, I would enjoy games on ESPN Classic from the 70s.

Even better than enjoying a ballgame on TV--going to a live baseball game has got to be one of my top favorite things to do. Period. There is something about the smell, sounds, and palpable excitement that only comes when you step out of the tunnel at a stadium and see the freshly mowed grass and the clean diamond. Traditional ballpark fair is not usually too vegetarian (let alone vegan) friendly. The staples of hot-dogs, chicken fingers etc can be disappointing for those of us who want to enjoy the game, but not the meat.

As a proud DC resident, I have taken a huge interest in our hometown team, the Washington Nationals. Since moving to DC in 2009, I have tried to attend as many games I can a season. This season, Anne and I have enjoyed about 5 or 6 games so far. We love watching the Nats play--and it doesn't hurt that they are playing some of the baseball they have ever played. (Seriously. #Natitude.)

You can imagine how excited I was to see that not only do the Nats offer veg-friendly concessions at the ballpark, they have even gone to the trouble of listing them on their site.

It seems like every game we go to now we have a routine--Anne gets the chili fries from Ben's Chili Bowl, and I get the housemade vegetarian burger which is easily one of the best veggie patties I have eaten out and about. It is slightly spicy and goes great with some bbq sauce. And of course no ballpark visit would be complete without a box (or bag) of cracker jacks.