Yuan Fu Vegetarian

Chinese food is often a relatively easy option for vegetarians/vegans. Previously, I reviewed North Sea DC which has some really good mock-meat options. Recently, Anne and I have discovered Yuan Fu Vegetarian in Rockville. Before you say, "Rockville?! But that is soooo far!" I say--it is well worth the drive.

Yuan Fu is entirely vegan. It is somewhat overwhelming to page through the long menu and realize that you can have anything on the menu. I was intrigued by the Peking duck. It is delicious. Soy based and served in traditional style with pancakes, hoison sauce and spring onions, it is easily one of the best dishes I have eaten out at a restaurant in a long while.

But we did (could) not stop there. We also ordered Kung Pao tofu and General Tso's chicken. The tofu dish is the perfect melding of sweet and spicy. Also, it is not greasy as fried tofu dishes from restaurants like these often are. The tofu is perfectly cooked--slightly chewy and springy, with a satisfying bite.

Like the duck, all of the chicken dishes are soy based and very tasty. It was swerved with some lightly steamed broccoli, countering the spicy flavorful dish.

In addition to these main dishes, try the sesame and spinach pancake, which is served with house made mustard and duck sauces. Both sauces are delicious on the pancake which like all of Yuan Fu's food, is not greasy but well flavored.

Finally, the service is fast and efficient. That doesn't mean they aren't welcoming. The restaurant's owner, Mary came and checked on us a bunch of times during dinner to find out how we were enjoying ourselves. It is obvious that she and her husband (the cook) take great pride in this establishment, as they should.