Please Sign for Anne's Birthday

Anne's birthday is coming up on July 17th, and for her birthday, she would love for you to support her campaign to help close a USDA loophole which currently is very bad news for puppies. As an active member of the rescue community, Anne has seen the effects of puppy mills first hand and would appreciate your support. She will be submitting this petition to the USDA so please sign by or on July 16 when the comments are due - if not please just keep on signing and sharing to show the continued interest in this issue!

The problem is that right now many puppy breeding facilities that sell puppies are not licensed or regularly inspected for basic humane treatment of animals. These places sell online, on the phone, or through the mail without even giving people a chance to see the animal like you would in a regular, inspected and licensed store.
As a rescuer, Anne would always encourage you to adopt an animal, the fact is that this huge USDA loophole is being exploited by those who breed and sell animals without being held to basic animal welfare standards.

Please join me and
sign the petition. Make Anne's birthday wish come true to take this step forward for animal welfare.