Saying Goodbye to Laila

Last night, Anne and I said goodbye to our little cat Laila.

Laila first came to us in February 2011 when we found her on the porch of a house in Petworth. She was cold and meow-y, and Anne did what she does best, she rescued her. We never intended to keep her. In fact we had a couple interested in adopting her right away. They ended up not taking her because she showed too much affection to the guy, and the girl was the one who really wanted her.

Laila, our accidental cat, had a huge impact on us. She is why we adopted Spencer, and then started to foster some kittens. You might refer to her as a gateway cat. 

July 23 has been designated "Bloggers Unite for Animal Rescue," so I am dedicating this post to Laila. You can be the change for animals by adopting a pet, donating to a local animal rescue organization or shelter, fostering a homeless pet, or volunteering at a local shelter or rescue organization.

I will always remember Laila for cuddling in my lap, "making biscuits" every morning, and cuddling with Spencer.

She was a good cat and she will be missed.

P.S. If you haven't already, I hope you will consider supporting Anne's petition to the USDA to close the loophole on puppy mill regulation.