Joining a Co-Op

I have wanted to join a food co-op ever since I lived in Minnesota. For some reason, Minnesota has a high number of local co-ops. I always wanted to be a part of one, but never did so because of the fee and commitment.

In case you aren't familiar with the concept, a co-op is a member owned/run grocery store that exists to promote healthy and local eating. The TPSS website says it best:
TPSS Co-op is a natural foods grocery store operating in the interest of its community. We are a cooperative business owned by our friends and neighborhood residents. The first TPSS Co-op started as a vegetarian storefront on Sligo Avenue in Takoma Park in 1981. In February 1998, we moved to the Ethan Allen Avenue store, where you will find us today. Our second store opened in October 2001 on Grubb Road in Silver Spring.
Anne and I moved to Silver Spring a week ago, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Silver Spring branch of Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-Op is literally up the road from us. We took a trip to TPSS and quickly realized this was a great place to shop as vegan/vegetarians. TPSS even started as a vegetarian co-op in the 80s, and now sells limited amounts of meat products.

Pricing is mostly competitive, though there are some notable items that are a little bit on the pricey side. Many of our staples (almond milk, tofu, bulk lentils, bulk rice, and frozen gardein products) are available and the pricing is on par with most larger, commercial grocery stores near us.

We are excited to join the co-op and help support a local initiative. Additionally, we are happy to be able to join this community and have some input into who is supplying our food, and what our choices are. First thing on the list to influence: vegan marshmallows.