Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite holiday. Generally speaking, I think people who cook love this holiday because it allows you to meld tradition alongside adaptation. For me, that adaptation means turning a meal that is linked with turkey into a compassionate (and mostly gluten free) gathering.  And, let’s be honest, it’s just fun to make a whopping feast of food. Vegetarians (and vegans where the sides are safe) are used to being relegated to a plate of side dishes at Thanksgiving, and the sides are often the best part. But I also think it’s important to have a main dish, so this plan reflects that.

I have had the luck of being able to cook our Thanksgiving meal for the past two years, so I have some of this process already down.  As the author of a food blog, the challenge is coming up with something new for you--tradition and adaptation!

Organizing a Thanksgiving meal is a ton of fun, but it requires plenty of thought, planning, and advanced preparation. List making! Just like last year, I thought I would use the blog to organize my meal plan. As I go along this Thanksgiving season, I will update this "schedule" of food so hopefully all of these will be recipes by the time Thanksgiving roles around!

For now, take a look at the links and start planning your feast! What am I missing?