Kite Hill Artisinal Vegan Cheese

Whole Foods recently contacted me to see if I wanted to sample some new vegan cheese they are offering. Never one to turn down free samples, I agreed. We stopped by our local store to pick up some Kite Hill Artisnal nut cheeses. 

Cheese is an interesting vegan predicament. I think many would be vegans are unable to give up cheese and that it remains as the sole non-vegan food item in their diet. Recent advances in faux cheese, like Daiya have made this easier. Daiya, for the most part, is great for many applications that require melting. They also make blocks of cheese that are pretty good to enjoy with crackers.
One thing that may have been lacking in the mainstream vegan cheese alternative are artisanal nut-milk based cheeses that you can serve on a platter with crackers, grapes and some good wine.

We really enjoyed the Kite Hill cheese, especially the plain cashew variety. It has a creamy, tangy bite that was very reminiscent of dairy cheese. It spread nicely on the crackers and would pair nicely with a glass of white wine. Some of the different varieties, like the cashew and kale would go well with a deep red.

We were not too fond of the macadamia variety, as it was a bit too crumbly and not really smooth and cheese like.

Next time we are hosting a party I will definitely get some of this and dress up a nice little cheese platter. Cheese platters need not be non-vegan anymore!