Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite holiday. ​ Thanksgiving 2014 will be the third Thanksgiving cataloged on VegInDC. As I said last year, I think people who cook love this holiday because it allows you to meld tradition alongside adaptation. For me, that adaptation means turning a meal that is linked with turkey into a compassionate (and mostly gluten free) gathering. 

​Making a feast of food like this requires careful planning and organizing. Many of the items I make are done in stages or in advance so I have enough oven and stove stop space the day of Thanksgiving.

For now, take a look at the links and start planning your feast! What am I missing?

Traditional Tofurkey Roast​ and gravy​
Apple Glazed Gardein Holiday Roast
Butternut squash soup
Fluffy mashed potatoes
Gluten free, out of the bird stuffing
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Green bean casserole
"Mama's" Cranberry jelly
"Mama's" Applesauce
Pumpkin pie with pecan crust
Apple pie with streusel topping
Pecan pie
Southern style cornbread